Project Yourself: Wealth By Amish Shah Reviews

Project Yourself: Wealth by Amish Shah are full of praises from people who have already experienced the great changes that implementing Amish Shah’s techniques into their lives has brought. This four-part program is changing many the lives of people all over the world. Sounds and symbols are powerful forces that can invoke prosperity and abundance when used properly.

What Is Project: Wealth?

Project: Wealth is a program that provides education and exercises for generating prosperity. It is founded in a basis of understanding various systems and patterns to facilitate “reprogramming of your Prosperity DNA”. Project: Wealth is about becoming your greatest possible self by engaging user’s brainwaves through visual contact with powerful ancient symbols.

By immersing in the illuminating concepts of wise leaders like Nikola Tesla, Marie Curie, Ralph Waldo Emerson and Leonardo DaVinci, Project: Wealth invites users through a nine level course series based on the Sri Yantra symbol.

Project Yourself: Wealth engages all senses of the body, mind and soul to enhance a deeper sense of intuition and facilitation of focus to seek and find power and prosperity. The course involves an intensive study of Shree Yantra mantra and Shri Yantra benefits.

You will learn the sacred geometry in the Sri Yantra symbol and how foundation in its mantra can draw positivity and prosperity. The course teaches participants to immerse in sounds and symbols with great ancient power to enhance inherent power. The program is designed to help people jump start their own empowerment with six “power words” that will erase self-sabotaging behaviors and enhance awareness of opportunity.

Sri Yantra for Wealth Power Words Meditation:

The six Power Words that Project: Wealth focuses on are:
Aum (Pure Force)
Gum (Removal of Obstacles)
Shreem (Sound of Abundance)
Maha (Increase of Energy)
Lakshmi yei (Purpose)
Namaha (Completion)

Other words include “Amen”, “Shalom” and “Asa”. Using Power Words properly restructures the brain and Prosperity DNA to invite great prosperity and abundance.

Sri Yantra Meaning

sri yantra

Many people have seen the Sri Yantra diagram on a poster, drawing or in Hindu literature and art. The symbol consists of nine triangles that radiate around the bindu, or center, of a circle. Four triangles pointing up signify masculine Shiva, and five triangles pointing down signify feminine Shakti. The symbol itself embodies the unification of divine masculine and feminine.

The integration of the four upward and five downward triangles forms a web of forty-three triangles that symbolize the womb of creation and the expansion of the cosmos. The triangles are cradled in circular bands of lotus petals to represent the force of vitality. By using the Sri Yantra chant, and placing images like Sri Yantra high resolution wallpaper around home and workspaces, meditation on wealth becomes an invitation for prosperity. Downloading a how to draw Sri Yantra pdf is a good way to engage the power of the symbol.

What’s Included in the Program?

“Elevate Your Abundance On A Subatomic Level with The Prosperity DNA Activation Kit” with a 100% satisfaction guarantee consists of four parts.

The first part is a set of shocking and enlightening Introduction Videos designed to provide a strong basic foundation in working with sounds and symbols. This section defines the distinction between lower and higher wealth consciousness and provides assistance with identifying individual placement on the spectrum. It also provides a simple four ingredient recipe to success.

The second part, “Harnessing The Vibrational Energy of Sounds for Prosperity”, is the “Prosperity Formula program” that has basic lessons with exercises and tools for working with sounds like chanting and Binaural Beats. This section provides guidance in silencing the mind during overwhelming situations. This section comes with specially designed Binaural Beats that manually stimulate brainwaves to the deep relaxation state of Alpha.

The third part, “Using The Hidden Power of Symbols to Attract Wealth”, introduces helpful techniques for working with symbols and shapes, and how vibrational impacts from certain symbols can alter brainwaves. The Sri Yantra is a central part of this section. Project: Wealth illustrates the power of the Sri Yantra and how to use it for enhancing prosperity and abundance. This section also gives an overview of Sacred Geometry and using symbols to amplify inherent greatness.

The fourth part, “Combining Sounds & Symbols into A Foolproof Prosperity Formula”, combines the previous lessons into a unified practice that can be effortlessly used daily. This section engages all senses in the body, mind and soul to engage in a “Creation Mode” that allows for powerful positive magnetism for abundance and prosperity. It introduces powerful mind and breath training techniques and exercises.

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What Do Other Customers Think?

Many customers say they find the program to be life changing. Some people advise new customers to be aware that blocks and triggers are bound to come up during the use of this program and recommend allowing those moments to pass. Embracing the wisdom from resisting the desire to resist is powerful and growth inducing. This program has helped many people improve their ability to generate prosperity and abundance.

About the Creator

Amish Shah started to study ancient spiritual codes and symbols since he was a child. As a former hacker, he comes from a background of observation and experimentation. He has developed a system based on the greatness he observed from his journey. He has followed his passion of spirituality and self-improvement. Amish created his company to share his knowledge and learning to the public.

Where Can You Buy This Program?

You can purchase Project: Wealth course by clicking here. The price is ONLY $47. Requesting a digital copy of The Prosperity DNA Activation Kit takes less than 5 Minutes. Project: Yourself Wealth by Amish Shah accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover cards, and comes with a 30 Day 100% money back guarantee. You have nothing to lose so make sure you check out the program today!

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