Did You Know That Your Mind Viruses Are BLOCKING You From Being Successful?

WARNING: Your Mind Might Be Contaminated With Viruses And Bugs!!

Have you ever been in a situation where you have tried out a lot of personal development courses, invest into your own education to improve your skills but your progress just seem to go nowhere? Even worst, have you ever experienced that the more you try, the more you fail so you don’t want to try anymore? Even though failures can be amazing teachers in some cases, failures can be extremely painful and discouraging.

Have you ever thought that as each year goes by, you get MORE frustrated because no matter what you try, things just don’t seem to “work” and you even think that maybe you’re not meant to be successful? You then keep going back to your “normal” tasks and accept mediocrity because you think that it’s just not possible for you.

However, if you really think about it, you know that there’s an answer that will help you. You feel that you’re getting so close, but you don’t know what it is.

Why is it that “some people” seem to have the magic touch? Whatever they do, they get results and success. They have good things happen to them? They don’t seem like they have all the answers but somehow, out of the blue, the answers and support they need are attracted to them and turn their lives around but not yours? Have you ever wondered how and why two people starting out in the same path eventually achieve different results?

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The answer is: MINDSET. There is a virus or bug in your mind that stops you from reaching to a higher level. The bug is a part of you so you are not aware of it until now. It is located in your mind and it hinders you from being successful at your endeavors. If you actually reach to a higher level, the bug WILL do its things to pull you back to the starting point. This explains why even though you have studied multiple personal development courses, business courses, or self-help books, you DON’T get the results that you wish to achieve.

Think of this as a computer. If you have a computer that was contaminated with viruses or malware before (as I have UNTIL I learn how to fix my computer), you know that these bugs do weird things to DESTROY your machine. You can’t open files, your browser automatically closes on its own, you hear questionable sounds, and one day, your computer doesn’t even power on. Also, if you try to install new software on an infected computer, the virus will literally block the software and give your computer even more problems. Like Glenn Turner said, “After all, just one virus on a computer is one too many.”

Now, think of your mind as a computer. If your computer is not fully supporting you because it is infected with bugs and viruses, it is really impossible to achieve your objectives. For example, if you want to start a restaurant but your mind keeps telling you that you don’t have the business skills or the connections you need, it is likely that you will not feel passionate in running your restaurant because most of the time, your mind tells you why you will fail instead of why you will succeed.

Rather than being the trustworthy best friend that you need, your mind acts on complete AUTOPILOT to become your own worst enemy. You will keep getting the same disappointing results until you learn how to remove the bugs inside your head (in case you’re wondering, no surgery is needed). In order to experience a different result, the mind needs to RESET to a structural way of thinking. Obtaining more information while the bugs are still present will only lead to frustrations.

I will write another article about A Bug Free Mind soon to cover how to remove the bugs of doubts, limiting beliefs, negative voices, fear, etc. inside your head for PERMANENT positive change.

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