How to Connect with Your Higher Self for Spiritual Guidance in Meditation

How Meditation Can Help You To Connect With Your Higher Self

The first time that you ever came across the term “higher self” or “higher consciousness” was probably when you were in middle school. For sure, you were young then, and you definitely didn’t have a clue who the higher self person really was, or what role your higher self supposes to play in guiding you. So, let’s start there.

Who’s the Higher Self (HS)?

Well, your higher self is no one else but you. Yes! Your complete soul consciousness is your higher self. The “you” that’s living here in this world is just but a projection of your higher self’s consciousness. Your higher self is what makes you complete; the one that never ends up being aggravated by the veil which draws down upon you when you incarnate and which ends up causing you to forget where you came from.

Your spiritual contract is always in the hands of your higher self, including all the plans you had in mind prior to your incarnation. He/she controls your instruction manual, and aside from that your life plan is in his/her warm palms.

Where is your Higher Self (HS)?

From here on in this article, let us refer to your higher self as HS. HS is neither female nor male, but, you will probably wish to identify HS with your current gender, for the purposes of this incarnation. Your HS lives in the ether, however is still in connection with you. Nothing can ever break that connection.

Higher self has access to your intentions, goals, intentions, everything you are wondering, feeling and thinking. There’s a channel that directly links you with your HS up in the ether while you still here on earth.

What role does Higher Self play?

Your HS watches over you and helps to guide you in the direction that you wanted to go when you established your life plan (your spiritual contract). HS clearly knows where you are ought to be, and when and who you are supposed to meet. Prior to your incarnation your HS met with some spirit guides and just basically asked, “Will you guide me after I incarnate? Particularly, I would like your help in order to accomplish Y.”

Higher self brings all your guides together, highlights the plan and the way they will be able to offer you help. He/she then gets ready to cast a part of his/her consciousness onto Earth.

Higher Self also works with the guides of your to-be parents too, to ensure they are in the right place and the right time carrying out the baby dance at the appropriate time of the month. But, as soon as you’re born, all you’ve got of your HS is just an ethereal relationship that you’ll hopefully discover or feel as you toil along through life.

Your Higher Self also moves quickly to make changes to your life plan should you, through your freedom, get off track and “mess” things up.

How do you connect with your Higher Self?

If you are able to reconnect with your HS, then you will definitely gain access to your complete life plan! The first thing you need do is start to hear your higher self. At times, HS may just sound like intuition. Sometimes Higher Self sounds like your mum’s voice warning you not to play football in the house.

At other times, HS may sound like the voice of justice, compassion, mercy, or reason. HS will say, “She’s cute, we want to marry her!” If you are aware, you can perhaps differentiate the voice of your Higher Self and that of your ego, which usually is fear-based.

If hearing is not your thing, then try seeing your HS. An ideal idea is to imagine yourself going to a stone bench, and calling for your higher self to sit and talk with you. The first time you are going to do this, it is going to feel like you are imagining everything.

However, the only way to tell when you are speaking with Higher Self is by the answers he/she gives you. When these answers begin to sound more knowledgeable or wiser than you usually do, then you have probably connected with your HS. When you start getting insights related to your current situation and sound advice as well, it is definitely HS that have connected with.

Just continue conversing with this manifestation of your HS until it feels like you are talking to another person and the answers/solutions you are getting do not look like they are coming from your own mind. This can really call for a lot of time as well as practice. In order to do this, you will need to achieve a very high state of consciousness.

How to Use Your Higher Self to Get the Spiritual Guidance You Need

Once you have connected with your HS, talk to him/her time and again. At times, if I have not checked in with HS in a while, you will begin getting signs that he/she wants to tell you something. Somewhat, it is like a spiritual message, “You have got a mail!” When this happens, you will open your journal program and read a message from him/her, or start a conversation.

HS will always be there when you need him/her, and at times he/she knows when you need him/her before you have realized it. Sometimes your HS wants to talk to you so badly that while you are doing a reading for another person, he/she will waylay you for a moment to give you a message and even drop you back off where you were.

You will try to tell him/her that it is really not appropriate for him/her to drag you away for a chat while you are in the middle of a reading, but he/she will admonish that if you visited his/her more often he/she would not have to do that. Higher Self is always the winner in most arguments, and the best thing is that he/she will always guide you appropriately. The right decision usually feels light and peaceful.

Therefore, set time for a weekly appointment with your HS and find out what he/she wants to tell you. It will absolutely be worth it. If you start reconnecting with your higher self more often, you will manifest better psychic abilities, and know how to enter a high level of consciousness.

It is easier to connect with your higher self when you are in a state of calmness. You can train your mind to be more focused and calm through mindfulness practices like meditation.

Just try to imagine what is going to happen to your life when you reconnect with your higher self! For sure, your life will transform positively.

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