The Saltori Structured Thinking: A Bug Free Mind Program Review

The Saltori Structured Thinking: A Bug Free Mind Program Review

Andy Shaw

Andy Shaw

Saltori is a structured thinking program that is designed to help people end suffering, provides freedom from pain, creates happiness and certain success. This thinking system has now been PROVEN to over 130 countries and it is developed by Andy Shaw.

Andy Shaw is a self-made multi-millionaire who started his first business when he was 23. Through his long journey of building wealth and his bankruptcy, he realized from experience that when he cleared out all the negative bugs of fear, self-doubt, and limiting beliefs which have been holding himself (and 99% of the population back from living a truly limitless life), he was able to start over and maximized his life. Andy is very good at teaching others how to be successful!

According to Andy, “Your mindset guarantees your success or failure in all you do” and therefore, the Saltori Structured Thinking System or A Bug Free Mind was designed to be The World’s ONLY Antivirus Software for the Human Mind. If you want to make things work for you, you MUST first get your mindset right and has a success guidance system in place. This means that you need to remove completely all of your worry, anxiety, stress, fear, feeling of overwhelmed, depression, etc. and Andy’s system will teach you how to do that.

You can use the Saltori Structured Thinking to:

  • Discover and know your true life purpose
  • Create any desired outcome which aligns with your life purpose effortlessly
  • Eliminate doubt, worry, negativity, fear, stress, anxiety, depression, and loss
  • Eliminate procrastination
  • Find your true love
  • Discover yourself, know yourself, and master yourself, and more

In other words, the Saltori system means “Purposeful use of my minds power to achieve health, wealth, wisdom and of course inevitable success” or a living a serene, harmonious, content, and mindful life. This program is currently available in English only. However, there are customers whose English are their 3rd or 4th language and they are loving it.

Saltori Structure Way of Thinking

What’s Inside The Saltori Program?

Saltori contains the same proven method of how to use your mind to achieve the life your desire, available in four learning approaches. You can get access to A Bug Free Mind, which is the teaching system of Saltori in books, audios, videos, and community formats. They all come with 60 days risk free purchase guarantee to make sure that you get results or you pay nothing.

The Bug Free Mind Process will take you on an incredible journey through your own mind. You will get to travel through your own thoughts and experiences to learn how to replace chaotic thinking with structured thinking. I am learning A LOT from this amazing system. This is one of those lucky opportunities that life brings to help you improve your circumstances, not worsen it. 100% recommend!

Unlike other self-help and education programs, Saltori does not teach you “what to think” but “how to think” and how to apply the simple thinking structures to remove problems and produce results. Why is that? Because as a person gets older, he or she might have obtained a lot of information or “knowledge” but realizes that the results diminishes over time.

According to Thomas Edison, “Knowledge without application is useless. Knowing too much information without application leads to a sense of overwhelm (information overload), hopelessness, distraction, lack of wisdom, fears, which means you are just acquiring more problems. The Saltori process will teach you “how to think” so that you can find the “missing piece” inside your head, clear off ALL the mind viruses and bugs, and get the results you desire effortlessly!

Breakdown of the Process

Even though there are four elements of the Saltori System, you don’t need to purchase all of them because each contains almost the entire process in itself. You are not missing out if you buy one part. However, you will ensure quicker and more permanent changes when you immerse yourself into multiple elements.

This program WILL take some repetition with the process. For example, some students have repeated the process on average their 3rd time, some are on their 10th and 30th times. While this does sound like some hard work, it is totally worth it! Your mind will stay with you for a long time and how you think will directly influence your life outcome. Repetition and studying in multiple ways help to harness the awesome power of the mind and you will be able to experience amazing benefits.

1. Books

creating-a-bug-free-mind-booksIf money is an issue, you should start with purchasing part 1 and part 2 books called Creating A Bug Free Mind: Raise Your Level of Consciousness and Using A Bug Free Mind: Unlimited Mind Power. This is the most affordable approach, which allows an individual to read through the texts, reflect, and apply them in their lives for better outcomes. Here, you will be taught the best ways of generating the extra money in your life and be able to purchase all the other approaches. The first book is about how to get rid of bugs and things that are holding you back from being successful. You will notice the difference when your mind is bug free and you can think in a clear and structured way effortlessly, compared to the way your brain was wired originally with its chaotic way of thinking. You will feel much better and more confident. After you have cleaned up your mind, you will be be in great shape of learning how to manifest success and wealth into your life from the second book.

2. Audios

If money is not an issue, the best way to begin is to purchase both the books and the audios. This option enables you to download and listen to the tips of getting rid of the bugs and the negative mindsets in your life as you go through the texts. 73% of the customers choose this approach. Usually, when a different voice is talking to you about the secret to success, you will be able to learn better and get faster results. After you have been doing this for a month or so, you can continue with the video course.

3. Video Course

The video course goes deep into understanding the notes of the course. It will help you to think about the materials in a different way which enhances your brain’s changing neural pathways. This results in a faster raising level of consciousness than other methods. The video training course is called Success Made Simple and it has over 400 very short videos. The optimal time to get the video course is after 1 months of absorbing the books and audios. These videos are designed to spread over a period of several years to make sure that you are on track to your success for years to come.

Success Made Simple Video 1

Success Made Simple Video 1

4. The Community

Joining the community enables you to ask questions and expect tangible answers that will help you. The highest form of self-education is teaching. When you teach others what you know, you will raise your level of consciousness and get to master the materials even more. The community is all about helping others and the more you give, the more you receive 🙂

Success Stories from A Bug Free Mind – Saltori Structured Thinking System

A Bug Free Mind Customers Testimonies

Next, you can select these options that best fit you at this point.

1. Simply do nothing and get the same result. (I recommend you don’t).100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

2. If you are ready to invest in yourself so that you can clear all bugs and restart your mind, choose your Bug Free Mind Process. 100% Risk Free, 60 day guarantee. You have nothing to lose!

3. If you are still not sure, you can download the first 5 Chapters of A Bug Free Mind for FREE. Why? Because once you see the Real Value in Structured Thinking, you will buy the program. In fact, hundreds of thousands of people in 140 countries have made their purchase through this option.

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