Burt Goldman Quantum Jumping 2.0 – Should You Buy?

If you are looking forward to learn how to attract meaningful coincidences, connect with your spiritual self and deeper intuition for positive changes, check out this review of the Quantum Jumping program by Burt Goldman to find out if it’s right for you.

What Is Quantum Jumping?

quantum jumping Quantum Jumping is an advanced visualization exercise designed to help you tap into your subconscious mind to discover infinite number of possibilities and realities. Burt Goldman invented Quantum Jumping program in 2008 and his program has helped over hundreds of thousands of people to change their lives for the better outcomes.

Quantum Jumpers can learn how to enrich their relationships, improve skills, wellbeing, career, and other desires.

Who Is Burt Goldman?

Before discovering the quantum jumping techniques, Burt has spent over 50 years studying with some of the world’s most influential spiritual teachers. His deep spiritual knowledge includes hypnosis, yoga, Qi, Feng Shui, NLP, and a variety of metaphysical and spiritual disciplines. Burt’s program enables people around the world who want to change their lives for the better to learn his proven and time-tested techniques at their own convenience.

According to Burt Goldman, he was able to accomplish a lot of achievements within just a few short years, more than what most people would be able to do in their lifetime. He credited his success from mastering the art of creative visualization in quantum jumping meditation. For example, he learned how to paint before his 80th birthday and many of his paintings are featured in museums around the world. In addition, he has sold over 1 million copies of his book called The Silva Mind Control Method Of Mental Dynamics, and more.


How Does Quantum Jumping Program Help You?

When you practice the quantum jumping meditation and creative visualization methods outlined in the course, you get to meet an infinite number of your versions of “alternative self”. For example, imagine how cool it is if you need help with improving your skills to advance your career and you receive guidance and wisdom from the successful version of you. Similarly, you get to access the version of you who has exactly what you wish to seek, whether it’s romance, advice, career, health, adventure, etc.

Burt Goldman will guide you through every visualization techniques and exercises from the beginner to advanced levels. You will learn the principles that he uses to achieve his dreams so that you can apply them to achieve yours too.

The Curriculum of the Course Includes:

Chapter 1: Introduction & Quantum Mind Sequence

This is the start module of your journey into the parallel universes, the world of Quantum Jumping. You will learn about the history, scientific concepts and evidence behind the course. Burt will also explains how he was able to unlock extraordinary abilities in photography, visual art, singing, and business from connecting to his alternative self. You will learn about the “Bagha” ancient Yoga technique and experience your first quantum jump.

Chapter 2: Jump Into Abundance

Many people feel guilty when it comes to asking the Universe for more abundance and wealth in their lives. In this chapter, you will get to connect with your twin self who already has the abundance and rich life that you seeks so that you can bring back the blueprint to your current universe. The 4 abundance jumps include abundant mindset, lucky you, savvy investor, and ultimate wealth.

Chapter 3: Jump Into Ideal Health

According to Burt, health and aging are extensions of one’s belief system. Burt will show you how to extend your lifespan and energy so that you can slow down the aging process. This includes a technique that can help your body to accelerate its natural healing process. You will experience a change of attitude toward health and attract your ideal body. The 4 quantum jumps tracks are jump into your ideal body, invincible health, energized self, and a healthy mindset.

Chapter 4: Jump Into Healthy Relationships

If you are still looking for “the one” or to reignite your passion in your romantic relationships for long lasting love, this chapter can be ideal for you. You will learn how to cultivate healthy relationships, attract your ideal mate, and strengthens your current relationships. The 4 jumps are jump into loving relationships, attracting the ideal mate, fun friendships, and healthy family dynamics.

Chapter 5: Jump Into Career and Success

We all have different versions of what success mean to us. This chapter will teach you how to reach your own defined full potential. You will learn how to soar in your career, make the right choices (by allowing you to see the results beforehand), and give back to the world. The 4 powerful jumps are jump into a purposeful career, a happy workplace, power of the mentor, and blissful success.

Chapter 6: Jump Into A Happy Home

This module explains that it starts within yourself to create a sense of harmony and belonging in your family dynamics. You will learn how to attract more positive energy and establish a happy home. In addition, the 4 powerful jumps that will help you to attract the cosmic energy are jump into clutter-free, Feng Shui guru, the green clean, and home harmony.

Chapter 7: Jump Into Spiritual Connection

You will get to experience deeper spiritual connection than you are currently experiencing. Burt will show you how to connect to your core or inner self so that you will feel calm, peaceful, and hold no fear of death. The 4 powerful quantum jumps are jump into open heart, energetic connection, spirit center, and inner peace.

Chapter 8: Jump Into Life Adventure

In this chapter, you will get to experience interesting opportunities and adventures. You will learn the secret to break free from society’s limits and embark on adventures. The 4 amazing quantum jumps are jump into boundless excitement, fun opportunities, exotic flavors, and gentle breeze.

Chapter 9: Doppelgänger Integration Process

In this final chapter, you will learn how to transcend to the next stage of human development. You will discover your infinite self and learn how to be unstoppable in your health, career, abundance, relationships, spirituality, home, and adventures. You will also learn how to create your own customized jumps.

If you are new to self-help and law of attraction concept, the curriculum might sound a bit skeptical to you. I was a bit skeptical in the beginning too but I decided to give this course a try and it’s a great course! In short, if you have an open mind, the purpose of the Quantum Jumping course is to help people become who they have always wanted to be.

Quantum Jumping is more than a spirituality or visualization course because it does contain teachings about very practical topics like relationships, abundance, wealth, career, health, and more. If you dedicate your time into this course and have an open mind about the concepts, you will be able to reap beneficial and positive rewards from your investments.

Where Can You Buy Quantum Jumping Course?

You can purchase this course from http://www.quantumjumping.com/products for the best prices. There are 3 checkout options:

  1. The instant download is $199
  2. The physical product shipment to your address is $399
  3. Access to both the digital download and the physical shipment is $399

Regarding what option of purchase you choose, you will receive a Free Bonus after your check out. The Bonus is called “New Moon Programming” with the value of $79. You will discover the power of the New Moon and why the moon does influence the human mind. You will learn how to utilize the lunar programming through guided meditation to welcome more abundance into your life.

Your purchase comes with a 90 Day Money Back guaranteed! Learning a unique but powerful system like Quantum Jumping can take some time to experience changes. Most people will require a couple of weeks to get used to the program and able connect to their inner self deeply for positive changes. However, you can always request a guaranteed refund if for some reason you purchased but you don’t feel it’s right for you.

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