OmHarmonics Review – Binaural Beats Zen and Relaxation Meditation Music by Mindvalley

Meditation with OmHarmonics: What Is It and How Does It Work Reviews

Everyone from Madonna to Lady Gaga swear by the power of meditation. The soothing routines of meditation can focus your mind, clear out harmful emotions, and help you concentrate on the positive aspects of your life. However, if you are anything like me, you know that clearing your mind of clutter is a really difficult task. You may start out correctly but you end up worrying about hundreds of different tasks that clutter up your day-to-day to life.

The big question is….How do you find a way to clear your mind quickly and efficiently?

The simplest answer is that you have to train your mind to slip into a meditative trance quickly. As we’ve already said, this is difficult for most of us to achieve. But there is no need to worry. You can achieve a peaceful state of mind by using a helpful tool like OmHarmonics. If you are interested in meditation then you should learn more about this tool by reading our OmHarmonics Review.

What is OmHarmonics?

OmHarmonics is a collection of five binaural beats created by audio engineers. The rhythms are designed to guide your mind quickly into the meditative state and help you achieve mental peace. You may not know this but binaural beats are a scientific reality.

According to Wikipedia, binaural beats were first noted by Heinrich Wilhelm Dove, a prominent physicist, in 1839. He noted that when signals in different dual frequencies were presented to the brain, the brain detected the phase difference between the two variable frequencies. It then tried to create the difference in beats to bridge the gap.

This new frequency was called binaural beats. By generating the beats, the brain started to resonate with the beat (Frequency Following Response) and it was guided into a meditative state or alpha state.

According to professionals, alpha state was the light sleep-like state that was essential for meditation. By following the brainwave entertainment provided by the different frequencies, the brain could be trained to slip quickly and easily into the alpha state for future meditations.

This process was investigated by doctors at the Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City and the therapy is now endorsed by doctors and scientists from all over the world as a great way to achieve focused concentration.

Pros of OmHarmonics

1. There are several companies that offer binaural beat generation tracks to assist in meditation. There are two major types of brainwave entertainment tracks on the market; one will contain futuristic beats while the other focuses on nature tracks. OmHarmonics combines both to create a light mix of music that is truly pleasing to the ears.

2. The tracks are designed to provide synchronization with breathing sounds and heartbeats and users have found it much easier to generate alpha waves.

3. OmHarmonics is the only one that offers a 15-minute and a 30-minute version. Due to this long and short version, you can use the tracks anywhere for quick or lengthy sessions.

4. The tunes are beautifully soothing. Unlike other tracks, the audio engineers have worked really hard to generate perfect synchronous and melodious tracks that are a joy to listen to anytime during the day or night.

5. Different tunes for different times of the day. Mindvalley, the publisher of the OmHarmonics program, knows that people may meditate all through the day. As a result, you can find lively tracks like ‘Awakening’ that will jazz up your day with energy and ‘The Spark’ which encourages creativity while ‘The Deep Rest’ will be helpful with a good deep sleep.

6. The website also offers free audio samples that you can try before you buy the entire kit.

7. The tracks are extremely portable to listen to and the designs are gorgeous to look at. You can download the tracks from the product website or transfer them to your MP3 player, tablet, smartphone, or laptop.

8. There is a 90-day money back unconditional guarantee and you can make use of a payment plan to purchase the product.

Cons of OmHarmonics

1. The program might be a little difficult for beginners to deal with as the sequence does not contain a guided meditation solution.

2. Some users have complained about breathing sounds heard on the track. The company has reduced the sound but the sounds are still audible on the track.

3. The company website states that extensive technology was used to make the different tracks. Complex words like ‘guided flow technology,’ ‘neuralsync technology,’ ‘MRT technology,’ etc. are used on the site and they may confuse a first-time user. But you should know that the technology is simple brainwave entertainment technology that works.

4. Beginners may find the OmHarmonics kit a little expensive.

The Bottom Line

Overall, OmHarmonics is a great product for meditation because it is incredibly relaxing to listen to. The binaural beats are extremely effective in getting people into the meditative “zones”, which are known to be very beneficial to your health. With that being said, people do have unique meditation experiences and preferences but you DON’T need to be a meditation expert to get good results with this program. After all, that is the reason this program exists. If you practice meditation routine (only 15 – 30 minutes daily or a couple of days per week), overtime, you will start to notice positive changes in your life. Why not try out this product for yourself and see if you like it? You really don’t have anything to lose!

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